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Glaziers Hall

This familiar landmark to those people going in and out of London Bridge Station required extensive restoration to the external facades.

Erecting a scaffold is never easy, but made even more so than usual due to the building being on the river front. Comprehensive discussions ensued with the Port of London Authority to establish the safety of other river users and guard against waste material entering the water system.

The upper parapet and cornice was in a severe state of deterioration and the loose stonework and stucco material was removed and reformed to match the original using specialist restoration mortars and new matching stone. A horizontal crack was discovered around the entire perimeter of the building and on cutting back the stucco an early form of brick reinforcement was discovered that required rust inhibiting treatment and the stucco replaced.

Finally the entire façade and timber windows were painted in a specialist breathable paint system to return the building to its former glory.

Glaziers Hall is used to host many events every week and works were carefully planned to avoid any disruption to the client and the tenants.

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